Company's Product

Cash In Transit

Since 1996 the first armored vehicle for cash-in-transit was born in Double Star, the enterprise always follows its enterprise spirit of \"professional, faithful, innovative\" in the escort industry. From the initial joint creation of domestic industry standards to today\'s comprehensive and industry-wide standards, we have pioneered a number of \"firsts\" in China\'s transport vehicle industry. ? First imported from America that delivered to the domestic bank
? First with imported materials and the domestic assembly
? First passed through customers’ live-ammunition test
? First met Europe EN1063-B6 standard
? First developed the \"lock system of escort management\"

北单比分怎么计算奖金的 First unarmed cash carrier with the \"safety system of escort management\" was delivered

 Nowadays, thousands of Double Star cash carriers were running on the streets of China, Southeast Asia, West Africa, the Middle East and the other areas, for all kinds of escort companies to provide safe and reliable transportation services.

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