Company's Product

Passenger Vehicles

Double Star’s armored passenger vehicles are specifically designed for politicians, social elites and people working in high-risk areas. The armored passenger vehicles include armored limousines, armored Off-Road vehicles, armored SUV and Pickup, and armored buses. Every armored vehicles of Double Star conforms to international standards including CEN1063, BRV2009, NIJ0108.01, ERV2010 and other standards. The armored vehicles can protect against various kinds of handguns, and AK47, M16 and M14 rifle. The explosion proof vehicles can resist against the explosion of DM51 hand grenade, DM31 anti-personnel mine and Improvised Explosive Device (IED). Double Star is dedicated to providing highest quality armored vehicles to its customers all over the world, including president’s armored escort, security companies, international companies and Chinese enterprises overseas.
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